10 June 2011

Kindness Rules

Today I wanted to literally get out my car and hurt this taxi driver who wouldn't let me into a turning only lane (because that would put him one car behind).  People today are so selfish and self centered and everything is about "ME, MYSELF & I".  They feel they don't have to wait in traffic, but everyone else can.  They don't need to stop at the red traffic light, but everyone else can.  Their excuse : "I'm late" - aren't we ALL late, don't we ALL have somewhere to be!!  This all boils down to kindness & being considerate to other people, treat them like we want to be treated!!

Kindness does rule, and maybe if we showed it to one another, certain activities that we have to do each and everyday wouldn't be so stressful (such as driving in traffic).

Hope you have a kind filled day.

Berry Berry Kindness & Love to every single one of you.

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