24 June 2011

Friday's ROCK!!!

So today I woke up feeling like I needed a little rock chick in my life!!

It's such a fun and easy look!!
So i did a grey smokey kinda eye with dramatic eye-liner, i know you can't see it here... but it looks really awesome cause i extended the liner all the way out of the edges of my eye.
Then the print type thing is the rocker top that i'm wearing with my blue skinny jeans and black boots.
Black nails with one white (although for going out tonight i'm gonna change it to the same orange) and my rocker bangle and cool silver rings.
Not sure if you can see it, but i'm wearing one loop earring and one with black feathers on the other side - it's totally awesome!!
I bought this orange lipstick from clicks (real cheapy thing - paid R21.99) the beauté range in Tangerine - the colour is vibrant and it really lasts and lasts - i'm very impressed.
Add an orange scarf & jacket (although tonight i might wear a grey jacket for a more night time look) and you're ready to rock the town!!

The most important thing is to be bold, experiment and ALWAYS remember to have FUN!!

Have a Berry Rocking Friday!! 

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