22 June 2011

Happy Colourful Nails

How absolutely gorgeous are these nails.

Ok, so it's really easy to get this look.
Do the usual, file & buff your nails, do the cuticle thing - this will ensure gorgeous looking nails.

FUN PART : paint your nail white, give it a good 2 or 3 coats (I'm loving this matt look nail polish, try that if you like).  Then using either a thin brush or a nail polish pen, draw on the circles and little curves at random (make sure there are 5 on each nail so you can fill them in with the colours).  Now, you need 5 colours to fill the circles in with (Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange) and then just paint one circle on every nail with each of the colours (try and paint the same colours in the same circle positioned on every nail, to give it that more professional look.

Have lots of super berry fun.

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