15 June 2011

Funky Monkey Nails

How cute are these!!!  Ok, so it's pretty simple (but you'll have everyone fooled I promise).

* Self adhesive type plastic, sellotape, self adhesive labels, anything that is sticky on the one side.  I prefer to use the self adhesive plastic myself, I find it works the best!
* Craft scissors with a curvy type blade that makes these patterns (you can by them at most stationery or craft shops).
* Two different colour nail polishes, they can be matching or completely contrasting like I have here - depending on your mood and the occasion.
* A top coat is also recommended to lock everything in place and give it that great finishing touch (I used a top coat with glitter for extra vavavoom!!)

Ok, now for the process.  Firstly, paint your whole nail one colour (choose the lighter of your two colours to put down first).  Allow that to dry.  NOW FOR THE FUN PART!!  Take your self adhesive plastic and cut them into little rectangular strips about the size of your nail, then with curvy craft scissors, cut the rectangle in half (as you can see below).

Now, you 'un-stick' one of the pieces and place it down the center of your nail, so that the one half is completely covered (make sure to press down all the sides so that the nail polish doesn't ooze through).  Now paint the exposed half of the nail with your second colour (now the darker one) and while the nail polish is STILL WET remove the sticker slowly revealing your two tone nail.  Once you've done all your nails and they have all dried, apply your top coat and you're good to go.

You can get really creative with this and use different patterns and shapes and colours, even putting the stickers on at different angles.  Have loads of fun and I would love to see your nails, so please post them up here if you want.

Have a super duper berry d.licious day!!!

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