28 June 2011

My LITTLE Supplies

So I've had people ask me what I have and how much I have, So I thought I would let you into my TEENY TINY LITTLE supply of makeup and nail polish...

I don't have a favorite brand or anything like that, although at the moment i'm loving 'Essence Cosmetics' exclusive to Clicks stores - the prices are SOOOO affordable and you can buy a whole range of things at a good price, this allows you to play around with different mediums and colours and textures etc.
I'm having TONS of fun with it.  My Tweezerman tweezers - you can't be without them, they are expensive, but so totally work it!!! Makeup brushes - you just can't have enough, I have to stop myself from buying more every time I go shopping.  Good foundation, concealer, false eyelashes, eyeliners (pencil, liquid, gel - try them all - they're fun, and in lots of colours too), lip liners and you can never have enough eye shadow (shimmer, matt, glitter, bright, natural).  Never be afraid to try new looks and do different things, you'll be AMAZED at how many compliments you get and how super fabulous you feel ALL day when you turn and look in the mirror and you've put in the extra time to do your makeup.

These are my Essence nail polishes - at between R20-R30 a bottle, it's super easy to buy a million different colours.

The bottom picture, far left hand side is a tip painter, but it's got a THIN brush, so you can paint lines on your nails (candy stripes, zebra stripes etc).  It's a really awesome little thing to have, only cost me R23.99 - go out and get one!!!  The matt look is gorgeous as well, and with that Matt top coat, you can turn any normal nail polish into a matt one - it's fabulous!!

I'm hoping to do a shoe blog, as I always get asked "So how many shoes do you ACTUALLY have"  - LOL - the answer is ALLOT... but i'll be sharing that with you soon.

Have a super berrylishious day.

27 June 2011

Candy Stripes and Flowers

How cute are these!!! I just love them so much!!
Candy Stripes and Vintage flowers.
You can check out the turorial here

It's really simple though, choose 2 colours for your alternating fingers and then give them 2 coats.
Then on the one colour paint stripes for the candy stripes.
On the other colour you paint little dots for the flowers, once that has dried place a tiny dot inside and two small green lines for the leaves and Ta-Da - it's done!!
Eeeeezy peeeezy pudding & pie....

Enjoy doing your nails.

Lots of vintage berry love.

24 June 2011

Friday's ROCK!!!

So today I woke up feeling like I needed a little rock chick in my life!!

It's such a fun and easy look!!
So i did a grey smokey kinda eye with dramatic eye-liner, i know you can't see it here... but it looks really awesome cause i extended the liner all the way out of the edges of my eye.
Then the print type thing is the rocker top that i'm wearing with my blue skinny jeans and black boots.
Black nails with one white (although for going out tonight i'm gonna change it to the same orange) and my rocker bangle and cool silver rings.
Not sure if you can see it, but i'm wearing one loop earring and one with black feathers on the other side - it's totally awesome!!
I bought this orange lipstick from clicks (real cheapy thing - paid R21.99) the beauté range in Tangerine - the colour is vibrant and it really lasts and lasts - i'm very impressed.
Add an orange scarf & jacket (although tonight i might wear a grey jacket for a more night time look) and you're ready to rock the town!!

The most important thing is to be bold, experiment and ALWAYS remember to have FUN!!

Have a Berry Rocking Friday!! 

22 June 2011

Happy Colourful Nails

How absolutely gorgeous are these nails.

Ok, so it's really easy to get this look.
Do the usual, file & buff your nails, do the cuticle thing - this will ensure gorgeous looking nails.

FUN PART : paint your nail white, give it a good 2 or 3 coats (I'm loving this matt look nail polish, try that if you like).  Then using either a thin brush or a nail polish pen, draw on the circles and little curves at random (make sure there are 5 on each nail so you can fill them in with the colours).  Now, you need 5 colours to fill the circles in with (Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange) and then just paint one circle on every nail with each of the colours (try and paint the same colours in the same circle positioned on every nail, to give it that more professional look.

Have lots of super berry fun.

17 June 2011

Jello Shots ~ Gonna have to throw a jello party SOON!

I've come across this incredible site with the most gorgeous jello shots - they are actually little pieces of art!!  They are so gorgeous.  I'm thinking of putting my own spin onto some of them and having me a bit of a jello party!!

Going to my sister for lunch tomorrow, I think i'm going to give these a whirl and I'll let you know how they turn out.

In the mean time, go and check them out at Jelly Shot Test Kitchen and have SO MUCH FUN!! show me if you make any!! I would love to see.

Have a Berry Jello Weekend
x x x x

15 June 2011

Funky Monkey Nails

How cute are these!!!  Ok, so it's pretty simple (but you'll have everyone fooled I promise).

* Self adhesive type plastic, sellotape, self adhesive labels, anything that is sticky on the one side.  I prefer to use the self adhesive plastic myself, I find it works the best!
* Craft scissors with a curvy type blade that makes these patterns (you can by them at most stationery or craft shops).
* Two different colour nail polishes, they can be matching or completely contrasting like I have here - depending on your mood and the occasion.
* A top coat is also recommended to lock everything in place and give it that great finishing touch (I used a top coat with glitter for extra vavavoom!!)

Ok, now for the process.  Firstly, paint your whole nail one colour (choose the lighter of your two colours to put down first).  Allow that to dry.  NOW FOR THE FUN PART!!  Take your self adhesive plastic and cut them into little rectangular strips about the size of your nail, then with curvy craft scissors, cut the rectangle in half (as you can see below).

Now, you 'un-stick' one of the pieces and place it down the center of your nail, so that the one half is completely covered (make sure to press down all the sides so that the nail polish doesn't ooze through).  Now paint the exposed half of the nail with your second colour (now the darker one) and while the nail polish is STILL WET remove the sticker slowly revealing your two tone nail.  Once you've done all your nails and they have all dried, apply your top coat and you're good to go.

You can get really creative with this and use different patterns and shapes and colours, even putting the stickers on at different angles.  Have loads of fun and I would love to see your nails, so please post them up here if you want.

Have a super duper berry d.licious day!!!

10 June 2011

Kindness Rules

Today I wanted to literally get out my car and hurt this taxi driver who wouldn't let me into a turning only lane (because that would put him one car behind).  People today are so selfish and self centered and everything is about "ME, MYSELF & I".  They feel they don't have to wait in traffic, but everyone else can.  They don't need to stop at the red traffic light, but everyone else can.  Their excuse : "I'm late" - aren't we ALL late, don't we ALL have somewhere to be!!  This all boils down to kindness & being considerate to other people, treat them like we want to be treated!!

Kindness does rule, and maybe if we showed it to one another, certain activities that we have to do each and everyday wouldn't be so stressful (such as driving in traffic).

Hope you have a kind filled day.

Berry Berry Kindness & Love to every single one of you.

09 June 2011

Fast & Furious 5 - Yummylicious Cars

So many nice cars - where to begin... I'm gonna show you the one that would make my heart skip a beat (or five).

You probably remember this scene at the end of FF5 (had to throw some Vin Diesel eye candy in there too), the car Torretto (love that surname!!! grrr) drives (for the girls, the black one) it's mean and it's got muscle and it's just such a 'real' guy kinda car.

It's the 2010 Dodge Challenger.

Performance: The base Challenger SE is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 that makes 250 hp and 250 pound-feet of torque. A five-speed automatic (up from last year's four-speed) is the only transmission for the SE. The R/T sports a 5.7-liter V8 that makes 372 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. This engine is paired with a five-speed automatic as standard equipment, with a six-speed manual available as an option. Choosing the R/T's manual transmission ups power output to 376 hp and 410 lb-ft. The thumping SRT8 comes with a 6.1-liter V8 packing 425 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque, with a choice of either the automatic or manual transmission found in the R/T. In recent testing, the Challenger R/T reached 60 mph in 5.9 seconds, and the Challenger SRT8 took only 5.3 seconds.

Needless to say, it's a HOT, i repeat H.O.T. car and I would die to drive it!!

Happy & Safe drivin you guys.

Berry Berry Love to you all. mwa


I have to tell you all that ear muffs are a definite MUST for this winter.  I had mine on this morning and when I took them off to answer the phone, I felt like I had stuck my ears in the refrigerator.

I have two, these ones and of course ones in leopard print... hehehe... i will show you those another day.

Have an uber awesome day and KEEP WARM!!

BerryBerry love from me to you.

Cute Nails for Cheeeeepo

So, I've discovered 'Essence Cosmetics' exclusive to Clicks stores, and let me just say they have some of the coolest stuff.  And my favorite of the right now are their cute little nail polishes, which go for about R25.00, the pigment is great and you probably only would need one coat, but I like to put 2 (it lasts longer) and a top coat!  They are called "Colour & Go" and there are 36 colours to choose from - plus they dry REALLY fast!!

So here are my nails today (wow! I look brown and yes, I do have a little rose ring in a purple wine colour as well - love them).
The colour I have on is "mellow yellow", the little flowers and sparkley gem things you can buy anywhere now, a drug store such as dischem or clicks (even Essence has their own range).

So go out and buy some and have fun with it.

*The green nails in my previous post are these same nail polishes in "lime up"

08 June 2011

Happy Hello's

So this is my first post on this blog.  I have so much to say, that I'm not sure what to say first.

Kandee Johnson has completely inspired me in every way, not only with hair, makeup, nails and fashion, but just to be a happier person, she is such a beautiful person inside and out, and I hope I can say thank you to her one day.

My obsession at the moment is leopard print - I've always loved it, but I think I have become slightly obsessed - lol - so these are my leopard print leg warmers (that you can fit onto ANY boot!!) They are wonderful and super warm too.

You can probably see my lime green nail bikka-booing in the corner there, here they are - lime green nails with one white one for a bit of variation and 'spice', oh and I'm wearing this gorgeous new baby rose ring in black which I just adore.