21 October 2011

Instagram - my favourite iPhone App!!

Instagram has become my favorite iPhone app - I just absolutely love it.... it kinda makes you wish everyone had an iPhone/iPad etc.

You could take a photo of absolutely anything and it makes it look absolutely STUNNING.

Here are some of my pics that I love.

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21 September 2011

Strawberries & Summer

Nothing says summer like strawberries do!!

It's so amazing to feel the warm sun and eat gorgeous summer fruit!

I made these the other night which were a BIG hit, and they were so simple to make... takes about 15 minutes!!

There are layers to this - the more the merrier, I always say!!

First in the glass we've got :
- Crushed ginger biscuits (you can use any kind, I just like that taste to cut the sweetness to follow)
- A scoop of Ice-Cream (vanilla or whatever your heart desires)
- Soaked strawberries in castor sugar and Sherry (Slice them and cover them with the sugar and sherry for a good 10 minutes to absorb all the juices, toss them around a little bit, the strawberries turn a stunning red colour).
- Crushed up Meringues
- Some more soaked strawberries
- Fresh Cream - beaten
- I drizzled some of the left over chocolate over the cream too
and to top it all off..........
Strawberries dipped in chocolate (those really are the "cherry on the cake" of puddings aren't they).

Yummy strawberry chocolate dipping and berry berry hugs to all.

13 September 2011

Loony Loopy Lips

How amazing are these!! I am totally going to guinea pig my little sister and try them all out!!
When I do, I will totally do another blog with the whole "How To" - so keep checking in.

I just LOVE the Panda one!!!  If you give any of them a bash, please let me see or if you come up with any of your own!!

Sending your crazy berry lip kisses.
x x x x x x

11 July 2011

Little Bit Wild

Ok, so it's a Friday/Saturday night - you wanna go out and kinda make a bold statement without buying a completely new wardrobe... makeup should do the trick!!

So here is the 'how to' -
~ Lay on your foundation and concealer over your eyelids and key area's (remember the skin on your eyelids is very thin and red and so you need to lay down some concealer to lock in your makeup)
~ Then 'wash' your eye with a neutral colour (for this I used the essence pallet called 'Secrets of the Past' - the bottom one in the picture)

~ Then I took the blue in the same pallet (i chose blue because my boots were blue and it looked super awesome, but do this with any colour you want) and then loaded the colour into the crease of my eye and slightly above the bone, i then took a round brush and extended the shadow out in a triangular shape to ALMOST meet my eyebrow and filled it in to really make the colour pop and stay!! 
~ Take your neutral colour again and highlight just under your eyebrow and the corners of your eyes.
~ I used the Gel Eyeliner in "Midnight in Paris" by Essence to line my eyes.  I then extended this line all the way out just past where the blue eye shadow stops and then continued that line back to the bottom eye for definition.

~ Loads of mascara followed this (you could put on a set of false lashes if you wanted to (I didn't have enough time - but it would look stunning)
~ Never forget to fill in your eyebrows, it defines them and completes any makeup look
~ The dots down past my eyebrow was inspired by my favorite makeup artist who did it in one of her videos - Miss Kandee Johnson which i did with the gel eyeliner and a thin brush and just draw on 3/4 dots in a continuous line.
~ My friend TJ (who's name i can't mention) said i should tie up my hair to bring out the eye makeup look, So i pulled my hair back and swept my fridge across - i must say, i felt like a pixie - but it was cool.  Every time i saw myself in the mirror i was like WHAT!! hahaha

Hope you have loads of fun doing your own.
Have a Gorgeous Berry Pixie day.

28 June 2011

My LITTLE Supplies

So I've had people ask me what I have and how much I have, So I thought I would let you into my TEENY TINY LITTLE supply of makeup and nail polish...

I don't have a favorite brand or anything like that, although at the moment i'm loving 'Essence Cosmetics' exclusive to Clicks stores - the prices are SOOOO affordable and you can buy a whole range of things at a good price, this allows you to play around with different mediums and colours and textures etc.
I'm having TONS of fun with it.  My Tweezerman tweezers - you can't be without them, they are expensive, but so totally work it!!! Makeup brushes - you just can't have enough, I have to stop myself from buying more every time I go shopping.  Good foundation, concealer, false eyelashes, eyeliners (pencil, liquid, gel - try them all - they're fun, and in lots of colours too), lip liners and you can never have enough eye shadow (shimmer, matt, glitter, bright, natural).  Never be afraid to try new looks and do different things, you'll be AMAZED at how many compliments you get and how super fabulous you feel ALL day when you turn and look in the mirror and you've put in the extra time to do your makeup.

These are my Essence nail polishes - at between R20-R30 a bottle, it's super easy to buy a million different colours.

The bottom picture, far left hand side is a tip painter, but it's got a THIN brush, so you can paint lines on your nails (candy stripes, zebra stripes etc).  It's a really awesome little thing to have, only cost me R23.99 - go out and get one!!!  The matt look is gorgeous as well, and with that Matt top coat, you can turn any normal nail polish into a matt one - it's fabulous!!

I'm hoping to do a shoe blog, as I always get asked "So how many shoes do you ACTUALLY have"  - LOL - the answer is ALLOT... but i'll be sharing that with you soon.

Have a super berrylishious day.

27 June 2011

Candy Stripes and Flowers

How cute are these!!! I just love them so much!!
Candy Stripes and Vintage flowers.
You can check out the turorial here

It's really simple though, choose 2 colours for your alternating fingers and then give them 2 coats.
Then on the one colour paint stripes for the candy stripes.
On the other colour you paint little dots for the flowers, once that has dried place a tiny dot inside and two small green lines for the leaves and Ta-Da - it's done!!
Eeeeezy peeeezy pudding & pie....

Enjoy doing your nails.

Lots of vintage berry love.

24 June 2011

Friday's ROCK!!!

So today I woke up feeling like I needed a little rock chick in my life!!

It's such a fun and easy look!!
So i did a grey smokey kinda eye with dramatic eye-liner, i know you can't see it here... but it looks really awesome cause i extended the liner all the way out of the edges of my eye.
Then the print type thing is the rocker top that i'm wearing with my blue skinny jeans and black boots.
Black nails with one white (although for going out tonight i'm gonna change it to the same orange) and my rocker bangle and cool silver rings.
Not sure if you can see it, but i'm wearing one loop earring and one with black feathers on the other side - it's totally awesome!!
I bought this orange lipstick from clicks (real cheapy thing - paid R21.99) the beauté range in Tangerine - the colour is vibrant and it really lasts and lasts - i'm very impressed.
Add an orange scarf & jacket (although tonight i might wear a grey jacket for a more night time look) and you're ready to rock the town!!

The most important thing is to be bold, experiment and ALWAYS remember to have FUN!!

Have a Berry Rocking Friday!!