11 July 2011

Little Bit Wild

Ok, so it's a Friday/Saturday night - you wanna go out and kinda make a bold statement without buying a completely new wardrobe... makeup should do the trick!!

So here is the 'how to' -
~ Lay on your foundation and concealer over your eyelids and key area's (remember the skin on your eyelids is very thin and red and so you need to lay down some concealer to lock in your makeup)
~ Then 'wash' your eye with a neutral colour (for this I used the essence pallet called 'Secrets of the Past' - the bottom one in the picture)

~ Then I took the blue in the same pallet (i chose blue because my boots were blue and it looked super awesome, but do this with any colour you want) and then loaded the colour into the crease of my eye and slightly above the bone, i then took a round brush and extended the shadow out in a triangular shape to ALMOST meet my eyebrow and filled it in to really make the colour pop and stay!! 
~ Take your neutral colour again and highlight just under your eyebrow and the corners of your eyes.
~ I used the Gel Eyeliner in "Midnight in Paris" by Essence to line my eyes.  I then extended this line all the way out just past where the blue eye shadow stops and then continued that line back to the bottom eye for definition.

~ Loads of mascara followed this (you could put on a set of false lashes if you wanted to (I didn't have enough time - but it would look stunning)
~ Never forget to fill in your eyebrows, it defines them and completes any makeup look
~ The dots down past my eyebrow was inspired by my favorite makeup artist who did it in one of her videos - Miss Kandee Johnson which i did with the gel eyeliner and a thin brush and just draw on 3/4 dots in a continuous line.
~ My friend TJ (who's name i can't mention) said i should tie up my hair to bring out the eye makeup look, So i pulled my hair back and swept my fridge across - i must say, i felt like a pixie - but it was cool.  Every time i saw myself in the mirror i was like WHAT!! hahaha

Hope you have loads of fun doing your own.
Have a Gorgeous Berry Pixie day.

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