21 September 2011

Strawberries & Summer

Nothing says summer like strawberries do!!

It's so amazing to feel the warm sun and eat gorgeous summer fruit!

I made these the other night which were a BIG hit, and they were so simple to make... takes about 15 minutes!!

There are layers to this - the more the merrier, I always say!!

First in the glass we've got :
- Crushed ginger biscuits (you can use any kind, I just like that taste to cut the sweetness to follow)
- A scoop of Ice-Cream (vanilla or whatever your heart desires)
- Soaked strawberries in castor sugar and Sherry (Slice them and cover them with the sugar and sherry for a good 10 minutes to absorb all the juices, toss them around a little bit, the strawberries turn a stunning red colour).
- Crushed up Meringues
- Some more soaked strawberries
- Fresh Cream - beaten
- I drizzled some of the left over chocolate over the cream too
and to top it all off..........
Strawberries dipped in chocolate (those really are the "cherry on the cake" of puddings aren't they).

Yummy strawberry chocolate dipping and berry berry hugs to all.

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